. Conner’s thoughts .

Check back here, to see what Conner is thinking about it.
He’s using this forum as a place to do his typing and spelling homework.
He will be spending 10 minutes a day typing whatever comes into his mind, then the parents will spell/grammar check it.  
We think this will be quite fascinating.

March5, 2013

I have read lots more books mainly a series called A Series Of Unfortunate Events. It has 13 200-400 page books.  They are pretty good so far. I am on book 11 called the grim grato. The books a about three children that loose there parents in a fire and get chased around by an evil man.

February 7, 2013

I also got many other things for christmas like a robot that is 1 foot tall and can be programmed to do many things. And a art set that has tons of paint and colored pencils.

February 4, 2013

I like to make things out of paper.  Sometimes I make my own creations, like I made a mini basketball hoop with a mini ball.  But I also like to make things from books.

I have a book of star wars origami and a book on paper planes. I have made all the planes but I am still working on the origami. Some of the things I have made are boba and jango fett and a jawa they are very fun and hard to make.

January 30, 2013

I love to read. I just read a book that had tons of silly facts in it, here are some of them:
A flamingo has to eat with its head up side down.
A bee can locate an apple three miles away!
Mosquitoes prefer biting people with stinky feet.
Cows have really strong tongues.
A Bald Eagles nest can weigh 4000 pounds!!

It is a really good book for me because I like reading and facts

December 4, 2012

Today I watched a show called Build it Bigger. It was about building a new now not so new subway in New York.  In it they were using a lot of explosives that blast away rock 3x the strength of concrete.

November, 30, 2012

 I like to read. I have read the Harry Potter series. I have also read the Candy Shop War and a series called Fablehaven; Fablehaven has five books and you need to read them in order or else you would get confused because sometimes they talk about the book before.

  1. Fablehaven
  2.  Fablehaven rise of the evening star
  3. Fablehaven grip of the shadow plaque
  4. Fablehaven secrets of the dragon sanctuary which I am reading now
  5. Fablehaven keys to the demon prison

Both the Candy Shop War and the Fablehaven series are written by Brandon Mull.

I am also going to read the 2nd Candy Shop War called the Arcade Catastrophe.

Right now I am on page 358 out of 535 on the 4th book of Fablehaven.  It is a very good book.

November 15, 2012

Things I like

I like candy, flying anything , playing with friends, ice cream, swinging, swimming, and playing four square.

November 14, 2012

Facts I Know

A sloth sleeps 22 hours a day. That’s more than any other animal.

You don’t move in your bed when you’re dreaming.

A shark never runs out of teeth.

An ant can lift 50,000 times its body weight.

When a jumbo jet is taking off on the runway it goes faster than a racecar.

Trees can live to be hundreds of years old.


4 thoughts on “. Conner’s thoughts .

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  2. Conner,
    You are a very good writer! I love reading about what you are thinking. I have been on the subway in New York. You and I should go sometime.
    Love you,
    Grandpa Tanner

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