+ the end +

It is after much thought and introspection on my current life situation, that I have decided to end my contributions to the blogging world.  Or in other words, this blog that I started nearly 9 years ago is coming to an end.

I started this blog on April 7, 2007

Posted 1,038 posts

In the 9 years our family has grown from 1.5 kids to 4

It has been a wonderful journaling tool, but no longer fits into my fast-paced life.  It took me years to join FaceBook and then even longer to join Instagram (and of course I haven’t even attempted SnapChat and such), but I can see how the ease of posting there fits in better with my life right now.  I’m just not feeling the blogosphere anymore, so I will be using another journaling app along with Instagram (not a huge Facebook fan) to document the happenings of Amber & her little fam.

the beginning:


the end:

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One thought on “+ the end +

  1. Your blog has been a wonderful way for us to keep up with your sweet family and we have enjoyed every word. Technologies change…circumstances change. Good luck on your next phase of journaling. Love, Mel & Duane

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