– November in pictures –

November is going to be pretty easy to wrap up in pictures because I didn’t take very many — oops.

One night while Dave and I were relaxing after everyone had been put to bed we heard some giggling and commotion from upstairs.  A few minutes later these 2 cute brothers appeared to show off their creation.  They had dressed the giant stuffed snowman in Logan’s Colts jersey and helmet.  They were pretty proud of it.

Reading in bed!!

In mid-November the weather started to change, finally, and brought with it a house of sickness.  After a week of everyone else being sick I thought I had made it free and clear…..nope I ended up with pneumonia and can’t remember when I’ve felt so awful.  Dave postponed a business trip one day to help me out and thank goodness, because Eli ended up covered in hives and had to be taken to the InstaCare.  We’re still not sure what caused it.

Of course November includes one of our favorite holidays:  Thanksgiving.  We were so excited to have G&G Mac home from their mission so we could continue the tradition of heading South to their house for an amazing weekend and meal.  Sadly the weather wasn’t nearly as warm as we had hoped, but that didn’t stop the kids from wanting to climb their favorite rocks.  We also went to a movie, did some shopping, played lots of games and enjoyed being with family.  Perhaps the highlight of the weekend was going with Conner to the St. George temple and doing baptisms with him – he, Dave, and I being baptized.


That about sums up the month which is pretty pathetic, but I’m so grateful for the month of November.  I got to go to Audra’s class and share a holiday tradition with them.  Audra and I decided to share our Thanksgiving traditions.  We started by telling the class that we don’t decorate for Christmas or listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving . . . some of the kids thought that was weird :).  It is important to our family to truly embrace Thanksgiving and our blessings before getting hammered with Christmas.  Some of our other traditions include our “Thankful Jar” where we all write something we’re thankful for every day.  And then we always have holiday appropriate books out to read, so we brought a book to read.  It was fun to share these traditions!
And now that November is over, it’s onto Christmastime.


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