– photos tell the story –

Time —- it is literally zooming by.  I never feel like I have enough of it during the day/week.  Lots of it is spent on PTA, my calling with the scouts, being a mom of 4 kiddos with busy schedules, keeping up in the yard, spending time with friends and family, and a cagillion other things.  I’ve decided the only way to keep this blog going is to simplify – drastically!  I am going to commit to posting once a month.  This monthly posting will include our life through the photos I have taken.  If time allows then other details will also be included, but that is what I can commit to right now.  It will still be a record of sorts on our family so I won’t let myself feel guilty.

And here we go . . . . . September in Photos:


It wouldn’t be late Summer/early Fall without soccer.  This was Audra’s first year playing and even though it was super cute to watch her run around and rarely go near the ball, I’m not sure soccer is for her.  Dave was her coach and she loved that!!  Logan also played another year of soccer and he is just like his sister – great at running around and avoiding the ball.  He is a much better individual sports player, rather than team sports so this may be his last year of soccer as well!


Of course Labor Day is in September and we took advantage of the amazing weather by heading up to PineView with the sailboat.  Even after forgetting sunscreen and having to stop and buy some, and not having cash to get into the park and having to go get some . . . . we persevered and had a great day!  Turns out the kids just wanted to play in the sand on the beach all day so Dave headed out to do some sailing while the rest of us enjoyed the sun, sand and surf!!  It was a wonderful day and I’m so grateful we have such a beautiful and fun place so close to home.  It was also our last sailboat voyage.  We love the idea of sailing as a family, but this is not the time of life for such a boat so it has found a new home.

IMG_7812 2

Our neighbor.  He lives in the rocks off our patio and we all love watching him come out and run around.  He’s not the only squirrel friend we have.  Audra has lovingly named our favorite furry friend Junior.  He runs back and forth on the telephone lines in our backyard.  It’s actually really fun to watch!  This house definitely includes more nature and animals.


Eli’s Preschool class had a field trip to the fire station and oh boy was he excited!!!  Not sure I can even express the excitement.  He loved every second and the firemen made it a very fun experience for the kids.  Audra was thrilled to tag along with all the little kids.  And now every time we drive by the fire station (which is almost every day) Eli makes sure he tells us that he wants to go again.


We introduced our family theme for this school year, which we took from the scriptures.
D&C 64:33 – Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work.  And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.  We had the theme engraved on a large glass star and then gave each of the children their own tiny glass star with their initials.  We talked to them about how they are like small stars but have the power to do great things especially through living the gospel!  We love our window of stars.


Of course no September is complete without celebrating Mr. Logan’s birthday!  This year was a big year as he turned 8 and as is tradition in our family there are no friend parties on even-numbered years, but we always go out and celebrate as a family. Logan wanted to go bowling so off we went and we had a great time – I even got a strike!  Sunday was his actual birthday and we celebrated with G&G Tanner and opened presents.  When I asked him what he wanted for presents he said whatever I wanted to pick so I guessed what I thought he might like and according to him I did a great job!!  Love that kid and am proud to be his mom.


With it being the end of Summer there was produce to pick from gardens and salsa to make.  I’m not sure it is worth all the time and effort it takes me, but everyone else says it is so we’ll see next year!


And Dave and I had so much fun at our concert in July we decided to head back out for another one:  Brandon Flowers.  It was fun even though I couldn’t see a dang thing (darn this being short biz).

September was a great month as we got settled into the school routine and figured out the PTA.  The weather was amazing and we enjoyed playing outside and tried to eat outside as much as possible to stretch out summer.  As the month ended, we could feel the chill in the evening air and prepared for a wonderful October . . .


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