– it’s great to be 8 –


8 years ago yesterday I had spent the morning canning peaches with a group of friends.  Then I had my weekly midwife appointment.  I wasn’t due for another 2 1/2 weeks and she checked me and said there wasn’t much happening.  That must have been the motivation Logan needed to hear because for the rest of the day as I ran errands I felt a lot of pressure and mild contractions.  By 10:00 that night we knew baby was on his way.  I labored at home for a few hours and then we headed to Davis Hospital around 2:30 am, 8 years ago today ….. 2 hours later we welcomed a screaming Logan into the world!  He screamed almost constantly for the next year and a half until we figured out his food allergies.  He has spent the last 6 1/2 years making up for those first horrible months and he is the happiest, most friendly, hilarious kid around.



Having Logan in our family is such a treat, as well as an honor!  He has the best personality and everyone wants to be around him.  He has made so many friends in the new neighborhood and everywhere we go we see kids he knows who say “Hi Logan!”  He likes to try new things and doesn’t care if he’s not the best at it.  He’s our sports player which makes him sort of a genetic fluke for us :).  He has better handwriting than Conner and is a flourishing 2nd grader and reader.  He is such an example to me as he doesn’t want anyone to feel left out and is very concerned about others feelings.  He is definitely my child because he loves himself some treats and good food . . . in fact he is always thinking about the next thing he will eat and may or may not be hungry all the time ;).



This is an extra special birthday for him since he’s turning 8!!  He is very excited to be baptized and we know he is ready for this commitment.  Turning 8 also means he is now “officially” my Wolf Scout.  I’m so excited to get to relearn all this cub scout stuff with him.  People say Audra looks the most like me, but I think Logan is the most like me personality wise which makes it really fun to be his mom.



Happy Birthday to our favorite 8-year-old LOGAN!!


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