– the most wonderful time of the year –

August 24th was the first day of school for 5 of the 6 of us.  And 3 of the 4 children were at new schools.  It was a big, big day around these parts.  Perhaps the biggest/scariest change was Conner starting Junior High.  He is now officially a 7th grader, and two weeks in he has adjusted quite well.  The first day he went to the wrong class at the wrong period, but quickly figured it out.  The second day he couldn’t open his locker, but the office staff came to his rescue and since then it’s been easy sailing.  Now, this mama on the other hand, had a tough, tough time dropping him off on the first day.  I may or may not have been extremely emotional.  It was a very good thing I had to immediately pull myself together to prep for Back to School Morning at the elementary school.  Conner was also nervous and couldn’t eat breakfast, but turns out we both survived.  It was a very good thing I was working at the elementary school all day and didn’t have time to worry about him.  He is in 3 honors classes, but his favorite class is Orchestra where he is learning to play the Bass.  His face lights up when he talks about it and we now get to store a huge Bass in the house for him to practice on.
Logan is now a big 2nd grader.  He got the teacher he wanted and even though most of his friends are in another class he is a friendly kid who rolls well with everything.  He was not thrilled with having to step up and be the big brother who is responsible for his little sister and making sure she gets home — they’ve figured it out and have friends to walk with so it’s all good.
Audra also started at a new school as she is a brand new Kindergartener. So cute!!  As is consistent with her life, she is 1 of 4 girls in her class (seriously).  She is learning to live in a world of boys :).  I put her in afternoon Kindergarten and that is working well.  She and Eli play together in the morning and then she’s off for her school day.  Gives me a few hours in the afternoon to do PTA while Eli naps.
Eli is the last in a new school — Preschool!  He attends two mornings a week and is doing really well.  It gives Audra and I two mornings to hang out and do girly stuff together.

As I said, 5 of us started school.  I may not be attending school full-time, but it suddenly feels like I have a full-time job.  I am on the executive board for the PTA, in the position of Treasurer.  Our board is still not completely full which is sad, so I’m doing my position as well as lots of other stuff.  My life is full of PTA.  We even converted the dining room into what we lovingly call the PTA room.  And as I mentioned our school does a back to school morning, which I totally despise.  It just meant we had to be to the school super early and then had to stay all day.  Three days later it was our big back to school swim party at the Farmington Pool — once again I was gone all day until late into the night.  I was not sad to see last week end.  I still spend several hours a day working on stuff, but I have to say that even though part of me regrets signing up to help I am so grateful I did.  I have gotten to know the principal and teachers really well, not to mention I know so many more parents.  I think this is a great way for me and my kids to feel part of this new school we’ll be in for years to come.  It’s a sacrifice for our whole family, but it will be worth it.

Even though it’s going to be a busy year, I am loving that we are back on a schedule.


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