– summer wrap up –

That is pretty much the end of our major summer activities.
Of course there’s been a bunch of non-recorded stuff going on.
If I had to sum our summer up in two words it would be: cups & toes!!

If I never see another cup in my life, it will be too soon!  I feel like my days have been all about cups – they’re all over my counters, no one ever stops to consider if they’ve already used a cup that’s out they just go get another one which just adds to the cups.  Why would any of my children even consider the possibility of paper cups, especially when they are getting water for half the neighborhood?  I will not be sad to see the cups decrease.

Apparently I have a ridiculous habit of wanting to wear flip-flops or other open-toed shoes in the summer.  Crazy, I know.  By doing this I’m exposing my toes which I never really thought was a problem.  That is until every time we were waiting in line at Lagoon or anywhere else, and my lovely children decided it would be fun to jump around landing on my toes.  It’s like their feet are magnets to mine and they just have to somehow apply strong pressure to my toes.  Luckily, no serious damage has been done :-).

Those sound like negatives, and they are, but they are also positives because it means my kids were home and we were having fun together or they were having fun with friends.  I feel like this summer has been way too short, but it has been good.  There’s always more I want to do and wish we would have done but I don’t really have any regrets about this summer.  Looking forward to Summer 2016 so much!!!  No PTA and hopefully no more nap-takers so we will have a lot of freedom.  Can’t wait!  Now bring on the school year!


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