– reunioning –

It has been 8 years since all of the McNamee siblings were together (I remember cause I was mucho pregos with Logan).  With the parents return it seemed like a great time to gather and spend some time together.
Heather and family came from Seattle for the week.
Dave and family from No. Utah.
Nate, Tasha & fam came all the way from England (they were here for about a month visiting with her family and then we were lucky enough to get to see them as well).
Sara and fam from Kauai.
Stephanie and fam from Springdale, Ut.
And of course the parents all the way from New Zealand.
Where did we all go?  St. George of course, because who doesn’t want to go there in August :)?  We actually lucked out with the weather.  We had rain, wind, overcast skies and relatively comfortable temperatures.
We had wonderful time together.  I especially loved seeing all the cousins together.  Conner really enjoys the McNamee side because he’s got 2 older boy cousins and they get along great.  The kids played games, swam, went to the game room for pool and air hockey, flew kites, ate and ate, watched movies and really did have a super time together.  There are 10 cousins on the McNamee side and only 2 of them are girls, luckily Aelie (who is 10) doesn’t mind playing with her 5 year old counterpart at all.  It didn’t hurt that Aunt Heather introduced them to a kitty game online that they both became obsessed with.  We went to a movie together, had a “family show” (a mix of talents and other entertainment), caught up and the adults also enjoyed playing our fair share of games.  Our own little family even made it to the sand dunes of Snow Canyon which ended up being all my kids favorite activity.

It was nice to all be together again and are planning on doing it again in another 8 years 🙂 — maybe we shouldn’t wait that long.


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