– they’re home!! –

For 23 months we had waited for G&G Mac to return home from their mission in New Zealand.  We looked forward to it all Summer and almost couldn’t believe how quickly it approached.
We (me and the kids) had fun for the weeks prior to their arrival making posters, and planning food and activities for them.  And then just like that 8:00 pm on August 1 arrived, and there we were at the airport greeting the newly returned missionaries.  They were excited to be here but clearly tired after their 43 hour Saturday.
We were lucky to have them fly into SLC so we could have them all to ourselves for a few days before they made the journey to So. Utah.  They managed to make it to Sacrament Mtg first thing Sunday which both shocked and impressed Dave and I.  They bought the car Dave had found for them, arranged their phone and banking situations and even managed to squeeze in some fun with our fam.  Mel and I were able to get pedis before the big upcoming reunion, and we had s’mores in the backyard as a final activity. {mostly thanks to Duane for getting the fire going after the massive rainstorm the day before}
In some ways it felt like they had never left and then it was so great to see them and be able to enjoy them again!
The kids could not get enough and were disappointed when they finally decided it was time to head to their own home . . . luckily it was just a few days before we would see them again.

{we loved having them in our Sunday Selfie for the week}

{we loved having them in our Sunday Selfie for the week}


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