– the neighborhood –

Our new neighborhood has turned out to be even more amazing than we thought.
We feel more at home than we thought we would this early in the game.
My concerns about my children having friends have vanished.
Logan and a passel of boys spend the day playing at our house either pool, rollerblading outside, or on the Xbox.  Then they go to someone else’s house and play – a perfect Summer day if you ask me.
Audra also has a group of gals who love her and vice versa.  There is a 12-year-old gal up the street who teaches tumbling first thing in the morning.  Then that same group heads over to our 10-year-old neighbors where they practice ballet.  And then they usually end up here playing with who knows what.  It’s super cute to watch them all together being girls.  The ballet “teacher” even hosted a little recital which was hilarious and involved Eli as her dad is Eli’s nursery teacher!
Our next door neighbors have boys Conner & Logan’s age and of course baby kittens to entertain Audra, but they also have horses and voluntarily took my kiddos out to see them which was a highlight for Audra.
I feel so blessed that things are working out so well for everyone here.
dance collage


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