– lil swimmers –

It wouldn’t be Summer without swimming lessons at Becky’s pool!  Logan and Audra each did two sessions.  Audra’s first day brought tears and an inability to participate.  Becky was worried that maybe she wasn’t ready. . . . . well, with the power of prayer Audra learned that she could in fact swim and has come miles since that first day.  She now will not stop swimming underwater – she is literally a fish!  She made sure to say her prayers every morning before lessons and that gave her the courage to do what she needed, so she not only learned to swim, but also that her prayers are heard and answered!

Logan loved having Kade in his class and did really well.  He wants so badly to love treading as much as Conner (Conner still holds the record for the longest time treading), but he just doesn’t.  He’s trying really hard but will need a little more practice!  He’s a great back floater and freestyle swimmer.  It was funny watching him and realizing he was swimming left-handed while all the other kids were swimming right-handed.  It almost looked wrong but he was just doing it his way and doing it well!
We love Becky and her miracle-worker ways (which we’re sure she’ll need once Eli starts up)!! Can’t wait for next year.


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