– pioneering –

In honor of Pioneer Day today thought I’d share our latest Sunday Selfie.  We missed the weeks we were in California (cause we were in the car driving, not all dressed up) and then the week Dave was in India (sometimes single-parenting is enough and I don’t need to add to it 🙂 ).

Often times when I’m out and about driving around the Salt Lake Valley, I am in awe of the pioneers.  I try to imagine what they must have thought walking into this area and learning this is where they were to start over and live.  I don’t know that I would have been all that thrilled!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great place, but the Summers are HOT and the Winters are COLD!  It’s dry and beautiful things don’t naturally grow here.  I’m impressed with the sacrifice they made to make SLC their home and the beautiful place it is today.

I’ve always had the desire to move out of the state, but with our most recent move it looks like we’ll be making Utah our permanent home and that’s great!!  I’m grateful for this place and that I get to live here in my “bubble” as Dave calls it.  I’m fine with the simplicity Utah offers and am happy to be raising a family here!


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