– running time –

Not only am I so proud of Eli for his recent potty accomplishment, I am super, super impressed with Conner!  He and I ran the Farmington Festival Days 5K.  Dave and I ran the 10K last year and due to my year long neck pain and subsequent treatment, I wasn’t able to train for the 10K again but knew I wanted to run something again this year.  Conner has been working out with Dave in the morning and I knew he was capable.  I wanted him to see that he could do it and I really wanted to do it with him, so we did……he really did awesome!  I had to remind him a few times that it was mind over body, to which he’d reply that his body was winning :-).  He set a great 11 minute mile pace and we didn’t have to stop to walk until after mile 2.  It was a lot of fun and I certainly want to make this a tradition.

And then, of course afterwards we had breakfast in the park and attended the parade!!  Eli was so excited for the parade and was having a great time, until the Mayor came by standing on the back of a semi throwing candy.  I had the thought that because he was standing up so high throwing someone was probably going to get hit/hurt.  Turns out that someone was Eli.  He got nailed in the head and then wanted nothing to do with the parade after that.  Can’t blame him.  Hopefully he forgets before next year.


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