– potty time –

I have put off potty training Eli for far too long.  All the others were potty trained long before now (3 years and a few months).  I tried with him the first week of Summer but he did not want anything to do with it; wouldn’t even step into the bathroom with undies on. I figured we’d have to wait until he told me he was ready — the problem:  he starts preschool the end of August and he needs to be potty trained for that.

I kept looking at my calendar and knew we’d wait at least until after California, but I just couldn’t see a week where we didn’t have anything that would allow us to just be home training.  I woke up one day and just decided instead of changing his diaper I would put on some undies.  Turned out to be a fairly simple training.  He’s only had a few accidents and is what we say a “potty-pro.”  In fact, Conner asked me if all of the kids were this easy to potty train, I had to answer NO.  I’ve been so impressed with him and am thrilled to be done with diapers and on our way to having all 4 kids using the potty.

And there’s nothing cuter than a little bum-bum in undies!


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