– the beach vacation –

It’s nearly mid-July and we all know that means that Summer is over :).  I can’t believe how quickly this Summer is passing.  Luckily, we were able to spend a week of our Summer at the beach.  I, of course, want to document this wonderful week.  And I will.  In the meantime here’s a sneak peek.
One of the things we did this trip was something I have always wanted:  family pictures on the beach!!  Yes, it added to the stress of preparing and packing for a vacation, and it required everyone to ditch the beach a little early one day . . . . but I am so glad we did it!  It was 4 days into the vacation so all the kids eyes were sunburned; everyone was tired; everyone was ornery; and Eli was far too comfortable with the ocean which made keeping him out of it a problem but I set my expectations low with 4 kids.  I’m just so happy we have them even with the squinty eyes, the wet clothes, the silly faces and all!
collage1 collage2


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