– lazy days –

Since we are in the early stages of Summer, I am still enjoying the sleeping in and laid back schedule.  The kids have been fairly good at getting their responsibilities done every day and are even more motivated if I have something planned.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that these lazy days won’t last forever and I need to relish them.  It can be hard for me because man is it nice to have a built-in babysitter.  I just love running errands with no children!!!

I think we’ve found a happy medium in that regard.  Something exciting and unbelievable happened:  we got Conner a cell phone.  That was DEFINITELY not in my plan.  I thought that would happen somewhere around age 14, BUT we also have Lagoon season passes and we knew Conner would be going with friends a lot.  I only felt comfortable letting him go if I had a way to get in contact with him.  I really didn’t want to send my cell phone with him all day so Dave and I decided to get him a very basic (or dumb, as I call it) cell phone.  It has come in quite handy already.  When we presented him with this new device it was with understanding that he would help me out quite a bit this Summer with babysitting.  He doesn’t really mind as I try to coordinate it around his plans; and has actually been good for Eli.  He used to cry every time I leave, now he tells me to leave so he can “stay with Conner.”  See it’s good for everyone!!

Okay, so back to the fun stuff.  As I mentioned, we have Lagoon season passes and that has been a great source of fun for our family.  Conner has been able to go with friends and spend the day; Logan and Conner even got to go last week and spend the day with Ali who had her work Lagoon day; Audra’s good friend (who is an only child) also has season passes and her parents love to have Audra tag along with them; our family has gone many times after dinner for a few hours; and I have been able to take the kids to Lagoon-a-Beach first thing in the morning.  It’s great to have season passes because we can just go for a short time and leave.  We don’t have to stay ALL DAY and wear ourselves out.  Eli and Logan have come a long way.  Logan is finally starting to ride the big roller coasters (which makes Conner SOOO happy) and Eli will pretty much go on anything he’s tall enough for so our family can now go on a lot of rides all together.

Some other fun stuff we’ve done is attend our dentist’s patient appreciation party at a local splash pad.  We had lunch, popsicles and Conner even won a prize.

We took the kids to see “Inside Out.”  Dave and I highly recommend it.  It was very entertaining and fun for kids and adults alike.  I am excited that we are starting to move into the phase of life where we can do more things all together as a family.  Eli is growing up, but does have one caveat:  he is not at all interested in potty training. I hope to get that accomplished in the next month but am not sure it’s going to go very well.


We can get him to sit on the potty for 5-10 minutes if the iPad is involved. Still have not had any potty happening, but we are taking very small baby steps

This is a small sampling of our Summer thus far.  We have a lot of fun adventures planned and I’m sure we’ll find even more fun stuff to do that is not planned at all.  Stay tuned for that….


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