– father’s day –

Speaking of Sunday’s, this last week was a pretty important Sunday:  Father’s Day!  We kept it pretty low-key cause that’s the way Dave likes it.  Bless Amazon and Dave’s constantly updated wish list.  I was able to sit down, spend a few minutes choosing some things I thought he would really like and bam they arrived to the doorstep.  He was thrilled about it and I didn’t have to drag 4 kids out shopping.  Instead, the kids spent the week working on their gift:  a book all about dad which they illustrated themselves.  Dave loved it!!
I feel so blessed to have been raised by an incredible dad.  I look up to him so much and still rely on his wisdom and ability to fix anything.  I have loved watching him enter his role as grandpa and see my kids light up at the mention of papa.  As much as my parents are tired of it, we have been blessed to have them in our home several times every week for the past few months for dinner.  They are renovating their kitchen and need somewhere to eat, so when I cook or our schedule works we have them out to dinner.  The kids now ask everyday if G&G are coming.  So blessed to have my parents close by and have them so involved in our lives.

I also feel blessed that I married into such an amazing family.  My father-in-law is simply the best!  He is a wealth of knowledge, a loving grandpa, and willing to do anything for our family.  He is a great example to all of us – a real spiritual giant!  We cannot wait to see him in person in 6  weeks and have him tickle the necks of all the kids.

And of course, I am beyond blessed to have Dave as the father of my 4 little miracles.  We created them together and raise them together, but he makes the parenting job a whole lot easier.  He is naturally the fun parent, but is also so in tune with the needs of our children, and is wise in how to handle matters.  I’m excited to continue down this road of parenting with him!!

If you can believe it, there’s more so please check back tomorrow . . . .


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