– it’s about time –

Shortly before Eli was born, 3 years ago, Dave bought a new airplane.
I have been flying with him many times in other planes since he became a pilot over 10 years ago.
So for 3 years Dave has taken our kids, many people from the ward, friends, scouts, and family flying in his “new” plane (I use that word loosely as his plane was built in the 1940’s).  But I had never had the opportunity to take to the skies with my hubby — until a few weeks ago.  He finally got me to agree to go.  We left early one Saturday morning with Conner in charge of breakfast and the children.  We had a glorious morning flying over our house and neighborhood.  Dave said that he couldn’t believe what a perfect day it was; all of his prayers had been answered.  He is such a careful and knowledgeable pilot that I never worry.  And now we can check that off our list.
To be continued, again . . . . .


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