– 1998-2015 –

17 years ago today at about this very time, I made one of the best choicest of my life:  to be sealed to the most amazing man!  We were so young and barely knew a thing, but thank goodness we were guided to each other and made that decision.  The past 17 years have been simply incredible.  Challenging, but fulfilling!!  We have both grown up, figured out who we are, figured out how to have the most amazing marriage, figured out parenting and become closer than ever!!

I am so grateful for Dave and for all his service and wisdom in our marriage and lives.  He makes being married to him pretty easy (usually :)).  Can’t wait for what the future holds.

As for celebrating this momentous occasion:  well, we did travel halfway around the world a few months ago, so….I’m attending a PTA conference at BYU while Dave is home with the kids.  My how the times have changed.  We have been gifted a day free of children thanks to Megan, so we’ll spend Saturday doing our TO-DO list…..super romantic, but we’re actually excited to just spend the day together no matter what we’re doing.  We are that phase of life where we get very little time with just the two of us so we’ll take it anyway we can.  Love spending time with my guy & look forward to all the time we’ll have together!


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