– 1, 5, 3 –

If you ask Eli how old he is that is the order of numbers he will tell you.  Eli is now 3!!  His birthday is today, but to follow in tradition we didn’t celebrate his birthday on his actual birth day.  For the past 3 years there is just too much going on on his actual day and we figure he doesn’t know any different.  Conner has a hard time with it, but no one else is complaining about having cake early.  Eli’s birthday falls super close to Mother’s Day (sometimes actually on Mother’s Day) and our anniversary, not to mention how busy this time of year is . . . so as soon as he’s old enough to know better we’ll  be sure to make May 12th his special day!

I love my little Eli!!  He is my youngest and we get to spend all day together.  He is a mommy’s boy all the way.  Doesn’t want anyone else to get or do anything for him (which is super, super annoying).  He is a busy, busy boy — constantly in motion, but can sit down and enjoy his favorite shows:  “Blaze” & “Paw Patrol.”  His volume is LOUD and he has the most enthusiastic and excited personality.  His speech continues to improve, but he is still quite delayed.  He isn’t potty-trained, but that will be coming very soon.  He still has his binky and blanky when he sleeps (mostly because I don’t have what it takes to take it away from him).  He gives the best hugs and kisses and is good to let me snuggle him.

But he is turning 3 and I can’t help but have a little dread about the year ahead.  The 3’s are so much worse than the 2’s, but at least this is the last time I have to survive.

His birthday celebration was low-key, but definitely included a theme :-).  Can you say trucks?!  This kid is absolutely obsessed with all things construction vehicles.  He has his inside and outside (sandbox) trucks and literally plays with them all day!  I would have loved to get him some other fun toys, but knew he would be happiest with more trucks.  He was!
cake elibday


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