– family tree time –

On Saturday our Stake held a huge Family History Discovery Day.  Even though we debated if dragging 4 kids out to the church first thing Saturday morning for 3 hours was worth it, we are SOO glad we did!!  It was incredible.  So organized and impressive.  The cultural hall was full of computers.  There were classes being taught in every room.  They had a kids area where they just took L, A, and E for those 3 hours and entertained them with games, movies, and making homemade ice cream.  Conner attended the Youth classes and connected with friends from other wards and school.  Dave and I spent the time really getting the spirit of Elijah blossoming in our bosoms.  We were able to get our fan charts all fixed and printed and connect with old neighbors and friends.  Such an uplifting morning!!

I’m so glad my children are learning at a young age how important family history is and I hope Dave and I will continue to be examples of this as we work on the McNamee & Glidewell family names (I’m holding out that we will need to make a visit to Ireland to complete this…..I hope).

In the meantime, as a family we are studying one paragraph of the Family Proclamation every week for FHE.  I am so grateful I felt inspired to do this.  Breaking it down into 9 weeks is making it much easier to understand and dive into.  Last week we played a game as a family that turned out to be quite the hit.  It’s hard to find something that involves and entertains everyone……but stacking the tallest block tower turned out to be a winner (and maybe they also learned something).


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