– Conner –

12 years ago I became a mom!!  12 years!  What?  And Conner was the blessing that made my motherhood possible.  He and I have learned from one another for the past 12 years, probably me more than him.  He has been a pretty easy kid to parent and I am so in love with my first-born.  He is a good example to his siblings.  He is a hard worker.  He is an outstanding student and a very good friend!  He never wants anyone to feel left out and just seems to know how to talk to everyone and make them feel included.  He is our early riser and spends his morning hours reading his scriptures and then watching his favorite show: “Studio C.”  He’s also our late-night reader, sometimes we find him still reading at 10:30 +.  He is very sensitive and is working on his immediate teary reaction.  He has a great sense of humor and can laugh at his mistakes.  He is our built-in babysitter, and the kids love him.  His brain is a phenomenon (well, to me at least) as it is constantly going and trying to figure everything out – he’s quite the smarty pants and I can honestly say he probably knows more than me.  He’s also only an inch shorter than me . . . all of this in the 6th grade!

This is a special birthday for him and our family!  He is now a current temple recommend holder, and will receive the Aaronic Priesthood in 2 days.  I cannot believe my little Tartar will be passing the sacrament and going to mutual!

I’ve had this amazing boy in my home for 12 years and only have 6 left — till he leaves on his mission.  I know the next 6 will be awesome because he is becoming such an outstanding young adult and his relationship with me is so important that I look forward to learning how to parent a pre-teen/teen/adult.
conner poster 2010


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