– season openers –

This past Saturday Logan started his baseball season.  He loves playing baseball and is quite a good player!!  He’s even been catcher twice this year, which is a new thing for him.  He is absolutely the cutest catcher I’ve ever seen!!  We all love to go to his games (I love it and hate it at the same time, I get so stressed out….:)).  Conner is very supportive of his brother and will spend hours practicing with him — so cute!

Saturday was also the beginning of our close-by Summer entertainment.  Dave and I gifted our family Lagoon Season Passes for Christmas and we were able to run over for a few hours to kick off the season!!  We timed it, Lagoon is 4 minutes from our house.  We are looking forward to biking there and being able to pop over on a regular basis this Summer.

I love Spring, maybe my favorite season!  It’s been fun to get out in the yard and see what plants we have.  We have the best neighbors who are beyond helpful in helping us make the yard look as nice as possible!!  Spring also means we have two birthdays coming up, and it means we are wrapping up the school year — no more homework, please!
Yay for this season and the upcoming Summer!!


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