– awesome eli –

Eli is just shy of his 3rd birthday and he can be summed up in one word, his new favorite word:  Awesome!  Except, he says Awetome.  According to him, everything is awetome!  He uses the word all the time and we all absolutely love it!!
He currently lives the sandbox . . . literally he spends all day, every day outside digging in the sandbox.  There’s been some drama over him wanting to take some trucks outside, play with them in the sand and then bring them back in.  We’ve had to set some clear boundaries on inside trucks and outside trucks.  He just can’t understand because he needs to be digging all the time with as many trucks as possible.
He’s all boy, except when he’s not!  He and Audra were recently in the basement singing Frozen songs on the karaoke machine, when he came up and asked for his Anna dress.  Audra dressed in her Elsa dress and Eli in his Anna dress.  Dave was less than thrilled, especially when Eli refused to take it off even to sleep.  I think it’s cute!  He plays with Audra all day so it’s just what he knows.
I can feel the terrible three’s coming on, but he’s cute enough that we should survive!


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