– spring break –

The painters finished Friday.
Dave and I got things relatively cleaned up.
Then we packed up.
Saturday we pulled out and headed to G&G Macs house for a week away from paint fumes.

loaded up and pulling out

loaded up and pulling out

Even though it was hard for me to leave knowing the mess I would have to return to, it was the perfect get-away!!  We had a great time together.  We really missed G&G, but appreciated having their home to stay in.  I even got to spend some time getting the placed cleaned and ready for their arrival in a few months.

Since we take this lengthy drive quite frequently, we try to make it entertaining for the kids and make stops.  This time we picked the cheese factory in Beaver.  Everyone is now very fond of squeaky cheese . . . and the ice cream was delish!

After attending their ward on Sunday, we hit up one of our favorite parks!  It was awfully toasty for evening, but that didn’t stop the fun.  Or Dave from crashing on Logan’s scooter.  He has some serious wounds and quite a story to share.

Since we drug the sailboat all the way with us, we were very anxious to get it out on the water.  We headed out first this Monday morning and wouldn’t you know it, there was no wind ;).  It was still a fun ride!!  And then we got to spend some serious time on the beach playing — probably the kids favorite activity.  We were able to actually go sailing a few days later when the wind picked up…..

Dave couldn’t take the whole week off, so he worked half of the time while the kids and I played.  We headed to our favorite place – Pioneer Park – for some great boulder climbing.  Conner & Logan headed off on their own climbing adventure while Audra who is quite the dare-devil, and Eli and I found some safer places.  Eli absolutely ate it up!

Even though the rest of the world seemed to be with us in So. Utah, we knew we had to spend some time in Zion’s for a family hike to the Emerald Pools.  We made it all the way to the Upper Pool and did it at 2-year-old speed because Eli absolutely insisted on walking/climbing all by himself.  He did great and I have to say it was pretty cute watching him.  He had a running commentary: “look a bigga one”, “Eli do it”!  So we could make it back down at a faster pace, we were forced to carry him, which meant his running commentary that direction was screaming/crying :).

We kept busy all week and really did have a fabulous time!  Besides all of our planned adventures, we also watched lots of movies (the kids were introduced to “GhostBusters” – see Eli’s worried face), we played oodles of games, got to see Stephanie, Mike & Simon, and enjoyed dinner with friends & kids (hey, why didn’t we take a picture when we were all together?), we went swimming, splash-padding and of course visited Swig!  It was such a brilliant get-away!!



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