-march survival-

It’s April and that’s awesome, because it means we survived March.  It means we survived 2 weeks of having our house torn apart, messy and invaded by Spanish-speakers.  We are SO, SO thrilled with the outcome of this displacement.  Our house is no longer full of thousands of holes & dry wall screws, and is our color of choice.  Our painters were so cute and did a relatively good job of keeping our house a place that we could live in.  There were a few days where we couldn’t be home and the kids loved it because it meant we got to eat out.  Conner kept saying “thank you painters for working so we could eat a restaurant.”  Doesn’t take much to please those kids.  The days where we didn’t go out, we lived on our back porch eating pizza….thank goodness for that porch and nice weather!
Our house was originally painted with oil paint, which meant everything had to be covered so the painters could sand all the walls before painting, which meant I had quite a mess to clean-up.  I swear I would dust and vacuum and then 2 hours later the dust would have settled again……so fun!  But it was worth all the hassle.  The house now feels like OURS.  We love the color and are excited to keep the updating going!!


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