– the girly side –

Before the move, Audra had a handful of friends who are girls right out the door.  There were also a few boys she would play with.  Currently, there are no girls her age in our neighborhood but there are several boys so she usually ends up playing with them which is just fine with her.  Occasionally we set up play dates with the girl friends so she gets her fill.  She also plays with a few of the older neighborhood girls (like in 2nd grade and up) which is cute!  I’m telling you that girl is friends with anyone and everyone!
After a day of playing with the boys, she was ready for her girly side!!  She painted her fingernails in a pattern, and I have to say did a fabulous job.  Then she said if her nails were sparkly, her face should be too!

A few weeks ago after her Saturday night shower, I thought it would be fun to put curlers in our curly-headed girl’s hair (I know makes no sense).  I remember watching “Hee Haw” while my mom put curlers in my hair on Saturday night, so it seemed like an appropriate activity.  Audra loved every second of it; and surprisingly she slept just fine with the curlers.  I am kicking myself that I didn’t take an after shot.  It was hilarious!!  Let’s just say that we had to wet it all down and just go with her o’natural curl!


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