– bigger toys –

Logan wasn’t the only one making a purchase on something he really wanted that day.
Dave has always loved learning about sailing and after our recent sailing adventures in the land down under, he sort of got an itch to get us a boat.  Since we don’t live near an ocean, there were a few considerations.  We wanted one that was big enough for all of our family to safely ride on (no catamarans), but also didn’t want one that was so big it wasn’t towable.  We found one we really liked but it was in the Great Salt Lake and although it’s a large body of water, it’s not exactly the most pleasant place to be.  So, Dave started looking for smaller, towable alternatives.  He found one that was quite a bit smaller but it still had a cabin and would allow us all to ride.  So after researching and looking it over, Dave pulled up with our newest member!

Looking forward to some fun, relaxing days on the boat this Summer!  And in the meantime, even when the weather was chilly the kids couldn’t wait for Dave to get home from work so they could go out and play in the boat.  They would bundle up and sit in the cabin with a flashlight telling stories.  How adorbs!
And this newest member is so important that when we had that lovely (NOT) snowstorm last week, when Dave got home from work he didn’t even consider plowing the driveway or sidewalk, just had to get the snow off of his boat :)!


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