– wooden toys –

I’m committed to blogging every day this week.  I’m afraid if I get out of the habit, I will forever get out of the habit.  I think it’s important for me to document our family’s life but am beginning to question if this is the right format.  I’m beyond frustrated about the inability to turn my blog into a book like I had in the past, so it makes this information seem like it will be lost to the internet.  I’m researching other alternatives of “journaling” since that is what I consider this forum.  It is an easy way for me to document the happenings in our family and even include pictures……I guess I could just do that in Word and then print it out – that would solve all my problems :-).

Anyway, in the meantime this week I will post everyday.  The next few weeks are going to be hairy at our house as remodeling begins so best to get it done while I can.

Two weeks ago Saturday, Logan came to me and asked if there were any jobs he could do to earn money.  I was a little surprised as he hasn’t asked me that before.  After some probing, I learned that he wanted to buy a new kendama.  We went and counted up the money that he had, then we got online and started looking at possibilities.  I tell you that kid is mine…..as soon as he saw the prices he changed his mind about which one he wanted.  He was basing his decision on the price rather than his preference (I do this all the time and often have regret about not getting what I REALLY wanted, just what was a better deal).  I talked to him about waiting and getting the one he really wanted instead of settling.  He picked the one he wanted online and did some jobs to earn enough.  As the morning went on he wasn’t sure about his decision so I decided a visit to the kendama kiosk would help.  Dave, Conner and he set off.  I told Logan not to buy one unless he really wanted it and that we could still order the one online that he claimed he really wanted.  15 minutes later they were home with a new kendama in hand – of course!
It was fun to see Logan get so excited about something and want to do the work to make it possible!


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