– the oldest –

Our oldest child is incredible.  He is very smart, loves learning new things, understands things on a deeper level than probably most kids his age, has a tender heart, is close to the spirit, is a great friend, is aware of others feelings, loves telling stories about his life, is thoughtful and creative.  Yes, he’s pretty darn amazing!  But……that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his little flaws.  Perhaps the biggest flaw we see on a regular basis is his love of bugging and torturing his siblings.  But even that can be set aside when it is required.  Dave and I recently went to the temple with my entire family for my parents Christmas present and we left him in charge.  He was the diligent babysitter for 3 1/2 hours – he even fed them dinner and prepped them for bed.  He did a great job and no one had any complaints when we got home.
His other flaw that I’m aware of his is organizational ability.  He definitely did not take after me in this area (sometimes I want to strangle him).  So, when his History Fair Project was due this past week there was a bit of tension in our house.  He left way too much to the last minute and even with my constant help and supervision, he was frazzled and overwhelmed and not paying attention to detail like he should.  In the end he got it done and it was done well so that is all that matters.  He did say that after his presentation he had a few regrets.  I gently reminded him that maybe if he prepared earlier and been a touch more organized 🙂 he wouldn’t have so many regrets.
It is challenging to parent children who do things to differently than us, but the really awesome thing is that we get to learn from them and our interaction with them.  I had to constantly stop myself from just doing the thing for him…..I knew then it would be done right and quickly.  I also had to watch how I spoke to him.  I wanted him to feel buoyed up and like he had support but that he also needed to let me guide him a little since I do have more experience.  It was good for us to work together and learn from each other.
history fair


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