– balentine’s – (as we call it)

I’m not a big “typical romantic” Valentine’s person.  I like the day because I can show and tell those I love how much I appreciate them.  This year Valentine’s day was on a Saturday so most of the festivities took place Friday:
– I was in charge of Logan’s class party. I headed up the “treat” portion of the party and had fun watching the kids have fun.  I know Logan was thrilled that I was there.
– We FINALLY made it to the zoo because everyone decided to stop throwing up (YAY).  The weather was nice and the animals were out and ready to be seen.  Plus we got to bring Mr. Kade along so that always makes it more fun! (His mom deserves as much rest time as possible as she cooks Baby #3 – yay!!)
– Saturday was project day.  Dave is building shelves in the storage room so you know what that means……it spills over into the rest of the house.  I spent the entire day outside reorganizing the garage and detached garage.  Still have a LONG way to go.  I made a special Valentine’s dinner and gave the kids their little Valentine’s treats.  No candy this year, just some new games we can all play together!

It was a lovely long weekend!  The weather remains unreal and Spring-like so it was nice to enjoy that!  Audra is thrilled that Balentine’s is over because that means her birthday is SUPER close!
class zoo


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