– the week –

This week Dave has been in India for work.
This week Conner, Audra and Logan have all thrown up and missed school.
This week the weather has been absolutely amazing……high 50’s and 60’s.
This week we were supposed to go to the zoo, but then the stomach bug roared its ugly head again.
This week I didn’t have to think about teaching my lesson because I got that over with on Sunday…..2 weeks off!
This week started on a much better note.  Eli, Dave and I had all had the stomach thing and we thought we were good.  Conner went to his State Lego League Competition at the U of U all day on Saturday.  Dave was able to see most of the competition and the whole family was there to see them receive their award.  There were only 11 awards issued to the 46 participating teams, and his team (the Centerville Cyborgs) won the Presentation Award for their skit and website.  Pretty awesome!  They also came in 13th overall!  It was an exciting and long day. {and little did we know Conner would be the next one hit with the illness}
Then earlier this week, Conner (and I) attended his first Court of Honor where he received his Tenderfoot.  This time around, I got to put a pin on him instead of the other way around.  Such a good kid, doing good things!

This week is almost done.
This single parenting gig is just about over.
Everyone has been sick, so next week will be full of good health, family time, and life.


One thought on “– the week –

  1. Hey! My name’s Audra McNamee too, so I’ve found this blog a few times while googling our name. She has more photos up there, maybe she’ll catch up to me with racing scores someday.
    Hope you have a great 2015!

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