– the pet/s –

We all know Conner has had a bearded dragon lizard for about 9 months now.  Conner’s done a great job of caring for him and we’ve all gotten attached to this weird/gross creature we call our pet.  Audra loves him and will hold him.  Eli used to be more infatuated with him, but now won’t go hear him.  And I don’t mind watching him, but touching him is an absolute no-way.

He’s recently gone through a hibernation period that lizards go into in the Winter months.  We got a little worried about him because of some symptoms he’s exhibited so decided a vet visit was in order.  He passed with flying colors and I could tell Conner felt like a proud pet owner and liked having his passion being praised.

The next day I needed to go to the pet store to get some supplies for the lizard and I had my loyal companions:  Audra & Eli.  They love to go to the pet store to look at the “bish” and birds.  Eli is kind of obsessed with “bish” so I decided to surprise them and let them each pick out a goldfish!  Oh man were they over the moon excited.  We brought them home and got them all settled in their bowl.  Audra and Eli spent the afternoon watching them and feeding them and loving their new pets.  They named them Sparkle and Tickle; I wonder who named which one :).

The next morning, we discovered that Sparkle had swum her last swim.  Audra and I had a little fish funeral in the toto and after she had a sad moment, it was back to life.  Tickle continues to swim on, so for the time being we have 2 pets.


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