– when we got back –

We arrived home the day before my birthday which meant that day brought tiredness, unpacking, laundry, chauffering children….you know life as a mom.  It didn’t feel like my birthday at all, but Dave did a good job at trying to make it a special day.  He stopped at Costco and collected my list of items (so I wouldn’t have to go) and brought home a chicken for dinner.  He also  shopped for a few gifts so I would have something to open that day :).  And he and the children sang me a sweet song!  It was just nice to be home and I’d sent 2 weeks “celebrating.”

Dave’s birthday was 4 days later and it was sort of a “big” birthday, at least the world thinks so.  He turned 40!  We had already discussed that there wouldn’t be anything big because of our travels and his birthday gift was our sailing adventure in Australia.  But once we got home and had my wits about me, I decided I should attempt to plan something.  I managed to pull off a small, low-key surprise birthday party at the local bowling alley complete with a personalized cake/cupcakes!  I think he enjoyed being recognized!!

And the week of birthdays is done for this year.


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