– while we were gone –

As much as I would have liked for the life to be calm and event free while Dave and I were away….life goes on and we have 4 kiddos.  Luckily the kids were out of school for the first week of our absence so that made life a little easier (or maybe harder :)) for my parents.  The second week they did have school and Conner had quite a crazy week.  First, he started ski school.  He’s doing the same thing he did last year through the city.  He goes every Friday after school for 7 hours and takes ski lessons for the night at Brighton.  He absolutely loves it!!!  And this year his bestest friend is also going, so that first week to make things easier on my parents he went to skiing and then got to sleepover at his friend’s house.  Apparently, they were both giddy about this never-ever-happens event!

This sleepover also made it so my bestest friend (his bestest friend’s mom) could help take Conner to the major event of the week:  his Lego League Competition.  This is the event that he and his team of 9 other boys have been working towards since the beginning of school.  It has been SO good for him and his coaches are awesome, they have made this team really thrive and grow in their strengths.  I have been very impressed and am so grateful for this opportunity he has had.

Dave and I were boarding an airplane during the event (because we were one day ahead) so we couldn’t wait to hear how it went.  This is the text I got once we landed in the US of A:
conner text

Yes!  They were very excited and so were Dave and I because we were very sad to miss watching the team compete.  State competition is this Saturday which means we finally get to see them in action.  Can’t wait!


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