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As this will be my final post of this year, here’s how the year {through Christmas day} wrapped up:
Today we celebrated a wonderful Christmas.  Conner and Logan woke everyone up and couldn’t hold still until we got downstairs…..the tree was surrounded with gifts and fun ensued!  We had a leisurely, playful morning which was really nice!  And as soon as lunch was done, the Christmas bins were brought up and undecorating began…..yes, it’s sad but necessary!  Too much packing, cleaning, and coordinating that has to be done before our departure.  It feels nice to have the house put back together but I wasn’t even sick of my Christmas decor yet so I probably could have left it up for a bit.
Highlights:  An Anna & Elsa dress, an Anna & Elsa doll (do you see a theme here), Zoomer Dino, train set, new headphones, kitchen tool goodies, dollhouse, and Kendamas……
christmas morning

Yesterday was our traditional Christmas Eve at G&G Tanner’s.  The kids made their gingerbread houses and I have to say, it was probably the best year for that.  They were all so creative and really detail-oriented.  Audra was the last one to finish and even went back to work on it later.  The adults enjoyed laughter, delicious food, and being together!   We were also able to talk to G&G Mac as it was their actual Christmas day!
christmas eve

Of course we had to make cookies for Santa!  Audra was my faithful “insistent” {as she calls herself…assistant} who helped me make both regular and GF sugar cookies and then the frosting.  Then everyone got to help cut them out, frost, and decorate.  Eli had a tough time understanding that we were just decorating cookies and not eating all of them, so he decided to start eating the sprinkles.  Our little “Christmas cookie sprinkle snitch.”
Logan and Audra both had cute school Christmas programs.  Audra’s was on her last day of Preschool for the year, which was also her pajama party.  She was so excited for both Dave and I to come and, I have to say, knew all the songs better than any other kid in her class.
Logan’s program was adorable!  It was all the first grade classes and one of the songs they sang was “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.”  He was one of about 6 first graders who got to come up front and sing it because he is currently missing his own two front teeth.

One night on a whim, we hopped in the car and drove to the Layton City Park to see the lights.  They did not disappoint!  I dare say, we may just make that a tradition and not do Temple Square. Audra loved driving under the tunnel of lights.  Eli couldn’t get enough of all the animals….elephants, bears, dinosaurs.  Logan and Conner were great at finding all the things that were hidden or not noticeable at first glance.  Oh, there was Ariel, so what’s not to love?

And it wouldn’t be Christmastime without attending a piano concert.  Usually we go to Kurt Bestor, or Jon Schmidt, or Piano Guys……not this year.  Oh no, we attended a local recital full of cute amateurs :-).  Yes, Conner and Logan had their Christmas recital and did great.  Both boys had their songs memorized, but wouldn’t go up without their music.  I think Conner learned his lesson because he messed up quite a bit looking up at the music.  And to say Dave and I were happy to never hear his song again is an understatement.  It was a strange arrangement of Deck the Halls and none of us really cared for it.  I was so impressed with the boys and how well the introduced themselves and played.  I’m glad they get these opportunities to feel nervous and see their potential.

All the Christmas activities are done, and as fun as they are I have to say the activity that had the most impact on me this week was the funereal of my bestest friends mom.The circumstances are so sad….diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September.  This friend and her family are some intuitive, spiritual, beautiful people and their messages at the funeral left quite a impression on me.  I was able to attend the funeral with Conner (as it was his best friend’s grandma) and my other bestest friend.  Being with Conner all day under those circumstances was such a blessing in my life.  We got to really talk, and maybe even more importantly he was able to be alone with me and see how  I am with my friends.  I think that’s important.  That he doesn’t just see me as mom – that he sees I am a good person outside of that role as well.  And being with my friend for the day in the middle of Christmastime was magical.  We had a great time chatting, going to lunch and shopping after the funeral.  I was very aware of my blessings that day:  such incredible friends, a healthy mom, the best family of 4 kids and a tremendous husband, the ability to learn in this life and better myself, the knowledge of the gospel, and a Savior who came to this earth and died so that I may live again with Him and my Father in Heaven.  I consider that day my greatest gift of the season.

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