« checking off the list «

Because the weather is so, so great we decided to visit Temple Square and enjoy the lights!  I have memories both in my childhood and as a parent of visiting and being absolutely miserably cold.  This year we even forgot Conner’s coat and it wasn’t a problem – awesome!  Unfortunately we decided to go on the night of the MoTab Choir Concert so it felt like the whole state of Utah was there with us……nothing a little Hatches chocolate couldn’t fix.  This year instead of getting hot chocolate, we got ice cream – yum!
temple square

Earlier that day was Conner’s 6th grade Christmas program.  It was very impressive as the three 6th grade classes sang 14 Christmas songs….all of them memorized.  Conner was a swing dancer in one song and a rockin’ elf in another.  You better believe we’ve been teasing him about his dance partner since – she was a cutie!  I am continually impressed with Conner’s teacher and all she does for these students, this was another example of her going above and beyond!


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