« some more christmasing «

After the tree and decorations were done, naturally the next important step was visiting Santa!  Not only did we visit Santa, but we went somewhere we had never been before:  Smith & Edwards in Northern Utah.  Our new neighbor works there, and actually her grandpa was the one who started the establishment so she’s got connections ;).  It was actually pretty amazing…..they have EVERYTHING!  Everything!  We happened to be there when Santa arrived and he was a good one!

That night was our Ward Christmas Party and that was also fabulous!  This is a pretty phenomenal ward and neighborhood and we are feeling more at home—-learning more and more names and attempting to figure out where everyone lives.  The counselor in the bishopric who gave us our callings, claims that our new callings will help us get to know people.  I think that’s hogwash…..how does teaching gospel doctrine help with that :(?  As a sidenote, that was the one calling I said I would never do, never! Dave and I are 2 of 3 teachers so lots of gospel doctrine talk going on in our house now.


One thought on “« some more christmasing «

  1. Love your pic with the kids and Santa. What a cute family you have! Do you mind if we post this picture on our facebook page? Feel free to email me and let me know. =)

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