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It is nearly the middle of December…..what?  I can’t believe how quickly time seems to be going by.  Gratefully I have been able to stay on top of all the Christmas stuff even in the midst of getting the house set-up and getting ready to pack for a trip of a lifetime.  Most of the shopping was done in November—-now there’s a brilliant idea, why didn’t I ever do that before?  And I even managed to decorate the first week of December.  I kept it really simple because I knew I would just be taking it all down either on Christmas day or the day following.   That was so freeing…..to not get bogged down in the decorating, I may do it every year!

We even got our tree the first week.  After Dave was scheduled to be in NYC for 24 hours, but ended up staying for 3 days so we decided some family time was in order.  This was our first year of not needing a really, really tall tree which also helped with the simplification process – less time spent on lights and decorations & no ladder needed.  Now the kids are wondering why there aren’t any presents under the tree.  I guess they’re not in on the simplifying process :-)…… Audra is the most enamored with the tree, wanting me to tell her about every ornament and wishing we would wrap the whole thing in a big ribbon.  She’s the most into Christmas this year which is making it so fun!



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