« day of thanks «

Today was a beautiful Thanksgiving.  The weather was amazing, it was so nice that we joked about eating outside.  Can’t say that is even an option very often in Utah in late November.  The company was small, but we had a fabulous time with G&G Tanner, Meggie, Ty, Kade, Chloe, Grandma Bell & Karen.  And the food was even more fabulous.  So crazy that we spend days preparing and cooking and within a few minutes it’s done and over…..thank goodness for leftovers.

This year we hosted at our new house and it was so awesome to see how easily people fit and flowed……we feel very blessed to live in this home and are grateful to be able to have family enjoy it with us!

As nice as the day was, I have to say that I am looking forward to next year when Melody will get to take care of all that turkey business :-).   And even though we didn’t get to spend the day with Dave’s parents, we did get to visit with Heather, Adam & Atticus as they stayed here on their way South.  Such a cute family and so great to catch up.

We have so much to be grateful for and as always love this time of year when we get to focus on our bounteous blessings…..the only flaw to this lovely week:  we have to speak in church on Sunday.  Blah.  I’ll try to focus more on all my incredible blessings of living in this free country and being a member of the true Church.


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