« date night «

In the last few months Audra has become obsessed with Disneyland.  She particularly loves to talk to me while we’re driving in the car about the rides she would go on and the princesses.  I honestly don’t know where she learned so much about it.  She is at the perfect age, in my opinion, to go to Disneyland – 4.  But just because she’s the right age, doesn’t mean I want to drag everyone there.  It also comes with a mighty hefty price tag so that will have to be considered……. but in the meantime Disney on Ice came to town so Dave and I decided a girls night was in order.  And since she called it Disneyland on Ice we figure maybe we bought ourselves some time.

Audra loved talking about our girl’s date for the days leading up to it, but loved the show even more.  She was totally mesmerized (I was bored out of my mind :-))!  It was fun to take just her and love doing one-on-one things with my kids – we really get to talk and I know they appreciate the specialized attention.  I think it’s especially important that we girls stick together!



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