« the SEPs «

This week is early out of school because first term has ended and now we get to go meet with the boys teachers and see how they’re doing.  Usually early-out week is the worst for me . . . I dread the limited time I have during the day.  But I guess because I still don’t really have my feet under me yet, this week hasn’t phased me.  It’s been fun for the boys to have more time to play with new and old friends.

As far as SEPs go – WOW!!!  Conner’s was last night and his teacher (who I absolutely love, btw) was praising him up and down.  His teacher does not mess around, she doesn’t mince her words and is very frank.  She told me at the beginning of the year that Conner would struggle.  He was the only new student coming into the Spectrum program this last year (all the other kids have been there since 3rd grade) and she said he would feel it.  Last night she said that you would never know he was new.  He has integrated himself right in and is excelling above proficiency level.  She got choked up talking about him, so that means Dave and I also got a little emotional!  I am so proud of Conner.  He has really proven himself so far this year . . . not only that, but he is such a happy, talented and friendly kid!

2014-2015 school picture

2014-2015 school picture

Logan’s SEP is tonight and I think it will much of the same after looking over his report card.  Logan really enjoys school and is doing amazing at reading and math.  Things really click for him which is so great.  And not only is he a smarty pants – he is so friendly.  He is always talking about new friends.  We’re pretty sure he has a little crush on his teacher – he likes to draw pictures for her.
I feel so blessed to have such great kids who enjoy school and are trying really hard to excel!


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