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This last Sunday as I walked into church, I realized how out of place I feel here.  It was “fun” being the new people for 2 weeks, but now reality is setting in and it hard to go and talk to people and not remember who they are, or not know who they are and not know anything about them.  I really took that for granted in our previous ward.  The members of this ward are incredible people.  Seriously so nice and thoughtful, so that has nothing to do with how I’m feeling.  I guess this is just part of the process and it’s hard.  I imagine it’s going to be hard for quite a while to come.  I think getting and going visiting teaching will help, as will a calling.  But I still don’t know these people and their histories and their children and all that good stuff that helps bond.
I am grateful we are not far from our previous home.  After leaving church and feeling pretty down, this week I’ve run into 3 people from our previous ward and it was so uplifting and just what I needed!!  I’m glad I still get to see these people who I love and miss.
Speaking of which, we were able to attend Conner’s first Court of Honor, and it happened to be held a few days after we moved, so we went to our old ward.  The 11-year-old scouts had prepared a very nice “thank you” for Dave!!  And everyone at the meeting was so gracious to our family, mentioning how much they would miss us, etc.
It’s a blessing to have been part of their lives and I look forward to seeing them out and about.  And I know I’ll come to love the people here, just need to give myself some time and accept that it is going to be hard every now and then.


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