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It’s official!  Today Dave and I bought our new house.  Our forever (hopefully) house!
And we are on the countdown to moving day — 3 days, Conner keeps reminding us just in case we managed to forget.
I absolutely will not ever miss packing.  Ever.
I knew this week was going to be crunch week.  We’ve had all the non-essentials packed for a while now, but this week is the final push.  To get everything we do use and every day conveniences packed up.
As if that wasn’t enough, it is also Fall Break.  That means tomorrow I will have all 4 kiddos home – fun for me!
And as if that wasn’t enough, Logan decided to make the week even more exciting.  As he was getting off his bike on Sunday night, the bike lost balance causing him to fall down, bike on top of him.  He landed on his left wrist.  He complained about it Sunday night and I did the typical parent thing – cross my fingers and hope that in the morning he would be fine :-).  Monday morning he was still complaining and wasn’t using his dominant left hand.  My gut told me something was wrong, but with all I have going on I decided to wait and see how he was after school.  After school I had my good friend, who is also a nurse, come look at it and she advised I take him to get it x-rayed.  So, off we went to the InstaCare where it was confirmed — he has a small buckle fracture and needs to wear a splint for 4 weeks.
So, now on top of packing, cleaning, purging, trying to live in a world of boxes, I now get to drive Logan to and from school, get him in the shower, and help him with anything he needs his hand for . . . . life with kids is never boring, that’s for sure!
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