« the terrible twos «

I could probably write for hours on our little 2 year old, Eli!  That kid is adorable and smart, but also has quite the strong personality.
His speech is delayed and therefore he has a difficult time expressing himself, so he has taken to yelling and repeating.  And even when he’s not yelling, he is just loud in general.  He’s also very clingy and stubborn.  Trying to pack up the house with him has been a huge challenge – nap time is definitely my favorite time of day.  As I said, he’s clingy – mostly to me.  He will put up a huge fuss if anyone else attempts to help him, give him something, pick up him, etc.  It’s getting really old.  So, I decided to take drastic measures.  It’s going to be a tough few weeks of him whining even more and throwing more tantrums, but I’m hoping the change will be worth it.  I am no longer going to give into his every request.  He is going to have to be okay with others.  I’m working on stopping his yelling.  And spending time with him every day on speaking.

It might actually be working, this is him sitting on Conner’s lap.  Seems like a normal thing for older brother to help out with a younger, but this is a very rare occurrence in our house because Eli wouldn’t allow it.  I think it’s pretty cute!

I’ve always said that the three’s are worse than the two’s, I sure hope that’s not the case with this one . . . I may not survive!



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