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Logan’s official 7th birthday was yesterday.  After a week of extremely hot days (in the 90’s), yesterday brought A LOT of rain and cooler temps.  Because Logan’s birthday party was scheduled to be at a local trampoline park, I was worried it was going to be packed.  It turned out to be perfect!  The park was relatively empty and the 5 friends Logan invited (plus his siblings) all had a great time!  I was so proud of Logan as he invited some kids from his new school, some from his old and some from the neighborhood.  It was quite a mix of 7 year old boys who didn’t all know each other, but he was so good at involving everyone and they all entertained themselves talking about Minecraft and Legos.  Probably my favorite part of the party was at the restaurant we stopped at to get ice cream cones . . . as all 6 boys sat there slurping in their goodness, they were all chatting, laughing, and being the cutest bunch of boys ever!  I couldn’t help but smile and feel so blessed that Logan has such great friends in his life!  His favorite part:  the awesome presents his friends so generously gave him (I guess we all know the way to Logan’s heart :-).

So glad we took a break from packing to give Logan the celebration he deserved!!



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