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Today our sweet, little Logan turns 7!!  Wow whee.  I love that kid and am so, so happy he is part of our family.
Conner is, of course, our oldest, but Logan is sort of another form of an oldest child.  We waited almost 5 years for him to join our family after Conner.  And then after him we got two amazing surprises every 2 years – so the younger three are all closer together than Conner & Logan.  Just a little trivia for yah 🙂

I knew when I was carrying Logan that he was going to be a special kid!  I could tell he was a social bug and that he would be a lot of fun.  Don’t ask me how I knew – mother’s intuition I guess, but I was right!!  He is SO friendly, easy-going, easy to be around, and can be so much fun!  He has the best laugh and a dimple to boot.

The older he gets I see him growing in different ways.  His older brother is rubbing off on him a bit, and he sometimes thinks too hard about things.  I also know he wants to do the right thing, but sometimes questions that.  It’s an age where others have a a lot of influence on him and I’m excited to see the choices he will make.  Because Conner is so much older than him, I see Logan striving to be like him.  He’s watched Conner do homework for years and is so excited to have a form of homework (finally) this year,  so he is anxious to do it.  He is a peacemaker in our family (mostly).  He has learned how to bug from his older brother, but he usually reserves that for Audra and then loves to entertain and attempt to get along with Eli.

One of my favorite things about Logan is that he will still let me kiss and snuggle him, even if only for a minute.  He and I are a lot alike so I have fun being his parent.  We have fun together and I think that will continue!!

Logan’s goal for this year of sevenhood is to keep his face/mouth clean while he eats.  It will be a miracle if he can do this…..he is the messiest eater, but we just love him to death!!
Happy Birthday Logie!!


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