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Logan’s birthday is not for nearly 3 weeks, but Dave and I decided that he needed his present early.  Logan is quite the bike rider.  Since the day he started riding a two-wheeler (a few years ago) he has loved it and can be found doing it daily if the weather permits.  With this upcoming move, he has changed schools and even though we are still pretty far from the school he can now ride his bike to and from school.  He even has a little posse he rides with – so cute and fun!  His bike had seen much better days and was too small for him, so we knew we were getting him a new bike for his birthday.  We ultimately decided that getting the bike 3 weeks early would be the best so he can ride it to school before the weather changes.

He had no idea this was going to happen.  We just put it in the family room with a “Happy Early Birthday” sign for him to find when he woke up.  He was super surprised and excited to ride it to school!  He fell off the first time he got on, but got right back on and rode off to school (I was so nervous about it that I made Conner run behind him for a minute to make sure he made it to his posse ok).

I think we made the right choice and hope his birthday will still be fun even without a present.



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