« the grandparents «

A few weeks ago my parents took the 6 oldest grandkids to a local stage production of Peter Pan.  Conner, Logan, and Audra really enjoyed it!  Audra’s favorite part was meeting Peter Pan afterwards and getting some pixie dust.

Afterwards the grandparents took the kids for a treat at DQ and everyone but Audra got a dilly bar….I guess she stood studying the menu and saw the Orange Julius and knew she just had to have it (is she good at taking advantage of Mom not being there, or what?).

A great memory for everyone!


Then a week later while mom was away for weekend, Grandma took Audra to the same theater for a Princess Tea Party.  I think she was pretty much in heaven eating cookies and punch, singing to “Let it Go,” getting her face and nails painted, and just being a princess for the day.  Thank goodness for Grandma!!

I wish I could have been there with Audra because her and I need to stick together when it comes to girl stuff, but I definitely needed my weekend away.  Every September my high school friends and I head off for a weekend of little sleep, junk food eating, gabbing, game playing, and laughing!  I usually come needing a day or two to recover from the lack of sleep, but also feel rejuvenated.  Oxymoron?  Yes, but being away from my responsibilities for a few days is very good!  Good for Dave to step into my role; good for my kids to have dad in charge; good for me to not be mom, but focus on being Amber and a friend.
And to all my girls – you know who you are – thank you!  Thank you for the listening ears, the good times, the opportunities to laugh and learn, and the fashion advice :-).  You are all important to me and a big part of my life!  362 days till next year…..


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