« the september life «

I sometimes feel like I am frozen and the world is going on around me.  We’ve already established that I’m not as good with change as I thought I was, and this whole moving thing is really messing with me.  Probably the worst part is the l.o.n.g wait we have.  Our sellers can’t be out for another 5 weeks.  It’s just long enough that I can’t really start packing, except those things we will for sure not need for the next 5 weeks.  With all of the waiting and anticipating, I just feel stuck.  Like I know what I will need to do, but without really anything to do until then.  I’m a thinker so really I’m my own worst enemy :-).

While we wait and wait, life has gone on.

Logan’s been playing soccer and Dave has once again been coaching.  This is a big year for Logan in soccer – they now play on the full field instead of half field, so he’s pretty exhausted at the end of each quarter.  He’s come a long way this year and does pretty well, and Dave really enjoys coaching.

Audra FINALLY started Preschool.  I love it because it’s just around the corner from our house and it gives me 2 1/2 hrs three days a week with only one child.  Eli is a different kid with no siblings around (much quieter). Audra is also 4 1/2 so after I forgot to take her picture before school, apparently it was very rude of me to ask her to pose afterwards.  Argh…..this is what we got :-).

The kids are good at helping with packing and cleaning out the house.  Audra and Logan made quite the team emptying hundreds of bottles of water we had for food storage.  Audra would carry the full jars to the bathroom where Logan would dump them down the drain.  They were done in no time and we had that many less things to move.

This is one of my favorite times of year, so I’m trying to enjoy it but the weight of all the changes coming can be overwhelming.  At least I can rely on the knowledge that we are doing the right thing …. now if only the packing and unpacking could happen magically.


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